Selecting a Hydraulic Oil Tips from John Wintermute

In a hydraulic system the Hydraulic oil is the main source of power or force. According to John Wintermute it is the quality of Hydraulic oil that will determine the ultimate power that comes out of a hydraulic machine. Thus it is always important to use the best quality of Hydraulic oil even in small machines. The quality of the oil needs to be checked by an organization that has established itself as the leader in the testing industry like Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories. According to Josiah Wintermute the major problems that occur in Hydraulic machines is due to the low quality of the hydraulic oil used in these machines.

It becomes quite important to use the best quality hydraulic oil in machines as it may make and mar the chances of the machine’s efficiency to work to its full potential. The first and foremost factor that needs to be checked while purchasing hydraulic oil is the OEM manual. The things that need to be checked are lubrication rules, standards and other specification.

The most crucial part of a hydraulic system is the pump thus it is of utmost importance for the operators to find the maximum viscosity of the oil when the machine starts along with the time period for which it will run considering the seasonal and other influences. John Wintermute is of the view that higher the thickness of the oil more will be the money spent on the machine as too much force will be required to pump the oil around the system. Chances are that the pump may get damaged especially in winters if one is using high viscosity oil. Cavitation and filter damage are the other ill effects of faulty oil which will involve expensive down time of the machine.

Whereas there is risk involved in low oil viscosity as well. It can lead to the formation of insufficient lubrication film between the moving parts, which results in accelerated wear. This usually happens in areas of highly load contacts and can lead to severe failure in the performance of the system.

Thus it is of utmost importance to involve an organization like Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories and professionals like John Wintermute and Josiah Wintermute while using Hydraulic Oil for your machines. They are the best in testing and advising you about the best oil that needs to be used.

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The fun of using Oil additives according to John Wintermute

Oil additives have earned a bad name in the past due to a handful of unethical manufacturers who have launched their products without proper testing and documentation. However the whole world is using these additives and getting results which have given an impetus to the lubricating industry. Keeping the tradition of supplying quality material to its customers many organizations worldwide have got their coffers swollen to large extents informs John Wintermute. He further adds if these products were so bad it would not have been possible for these organizations to survive and be in business for such a long time.

Thus it is important for one to distinguish the additives manufactured by companies that have developed their products after extensive testing and documentation. In practice it’s not the oil alone that will do all the lubrication for the machine. There needs to be a supplement along with the oil to protect the vital parts of the machine. The temperatures and types of service under which an engine is operated vary markedly. It generally happens that the engine oil may reach to a temperature from where it is too tough for the oil alone to get back to the normal temperature this is where additives play a major role.

Extreme pressure conditions can develop between heavily loaded parts from lack of lubrication, inadequate clearance, extreme heat, and sometimes as a result of using the wrong type or grade of lubricant for the operating conditions of the engine. Since motor oils do not contain extreme pressure agents this is an area that aftermarket additive manufacturers focus a lot of attention. In modern engines the valve train with its cams, valve lifters, push rods, valve stem tips, and parts of the rocker arms operate under conditions of extreme pressure because they carry heavy loads on very small contact areas.

Additives are a necessity to reduce the wear and tear in an engine that is contained in motor oils. Although skeptics will always be talking about the ill effects of using an oil additive due to vested interests. Its consumer at the end of the day who needs to decide feels Josiah Wintermute from Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories. Taking care of the engine for the longevity of the machine or automobile in the best of its health needs to be undertaken by the person who is using and investing it. Make sure to use quality oil additives manufactured by organizations of repute that have tested and documented their products according to industry standards.

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Test your Lubricants before using them from Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories

Increasing the life span of gear couplings is totally dependent on the kind and amount of greasing one does to them. Gear couplings form an integral part of any machine and have to be maintained for a smooth and uninterrupted functioning of any machine. Its not only the frequency of the lubrication done and the amount of lubrication done; the quality of the lubricant is also a crucial factor that will make the machinery live long and function smoothly advices John Wintermute from Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories.


Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories has been a name to reckon with in the lubricant testing field. Both John Wintemute and Josiah Wintermute have helped this organization reach the heights of success where it has been able to set several benchmarks for the industry. Josiah Wintermute is of the view that gear couplings have their own importance in making our lives easy. Gear couplings are responsible for sending more power per inch of diameter than any other coupling. Gear Couplings have another really important characteristic; even if they are wrongly installed. Compared to other couplings they are safe and robust.


While speaking on the lubrication of these gear couplings John Wintermute states that regular and proper lubrication of gear couplings will be of great help as the mating of the teeth (that form an integral part of the gear couplings and are the first to degenerate in the process of the friction generated) generate a force which is the main cause for the wiping out of the lubricant from the surface of these teeth that increase the chances of degeneration of the teeth and in turn the whole machinery.


Using grease is strongly advised against oil where one requires the localization of the lubricant. Grease does not drip and will remain where it is applied which is not the case with oil. Oil as a liquid may spill to other parts of the machinery and in case wiring is present no good will be done instead something that is not rally beneficial to the machine may occur like a short circuit or damage to the electrical parts of the machinery.


Thus it of utmost importance to check the role of grease and oil. Although both of them need to be used at times but one needs to compare the cost effectiveness along with the usage. Checking the quality of the lubricant really matters in times when you are dealing with high end equipment or you are dealing with a large quantity of lubricant. Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories offers you the best services for all your testing needs.


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