Test your Lubricants before using them from Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories

Increasing the life span of gear couplings is totally dependent on the kind and amount of greasing one does to them. Gear couplings form an integral part of any machine and have to be maintained for a smooth and uninterrupted functioning of any machine. Its not only the frequency of the lubrication done and the amount of lubrication done; the quality of the lubricant is also a crucial factor that will make the machinery live long and function smoothly advices John Wintermute from Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories.


Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories has been a name to reckon with in the lubricant testing field. Both John Wintemute and Josiah Wintermute have helped this organization reach the heights of success where it has been able to set several benchmarks for the industry. Josiah Wintermute is of the view that gear couplings have their own importance in making our lives easy. Gear couplings are responsible for sending more power per inch of diameter than any other coupling. Gear Couplings have another really important characteristic; even if they are wrongly installed. Compared to other couplings they are safe and robust.


While speaking on the lubrication of these gear couplings John Wintermute states that regular and proper lubrication of gear couplings will be of great help as the mating of the teeth (that form an integral part of the gear couplings and are the first to degenerate in the process of the friction generated) generate a force which is the main cause for the wiping out of the lubricant from the surface of these teeth that increase the chances of degeneration of the teeth and in turn the whole machinery.


Using grease is strongly advised against oil where one requires the localization of the lubricant. Grease does not drip and will remain where it is applied which is not the case with oil. Oil as a liquid may spill to other parts of the machinery and in case wiring is present no good will be done instead something that is not rally beneficial to the machine may occur like a short circuit or damage to the electrical parts of the machinery.


Thus it of utmost importance to check the role of grease and oil. Although both of them need to be used at times but one needs to compare the cost effectiveness along with the usage. Checking the quality of the lubricant really matters in times when you are dealing with high end equipment or you are dealing with a large quantity of lubricant. Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories offers you the best services for all your testing needs.


To know more about the working of Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories and John Wintermute feel free to contact him through Josiah Wintermuteby visiting http://www.pltlab.com


Josiah Wintermute’s views on increasing the age of your machinery


Lubrication in machines is as important as water in the human body. If the machines are not properly lubricated the wear and tear of the machines lead to an early degeneration of the machines, increase in the depreciation value is another factor that needs to be taken into account while lubricating machines feels Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories owner and chairman John Wintermute. Josiah Wintermute and John Wintermute have been in the business of petro lubricant testing since the last 30 years and have gained much expertise and experience in this sector.


John Wintermute says from his experience that insufficient lubrication leads to the premature failure of the machines. A proper lubrication does not essentially mean the overloading of a machine with excess oil. Proper lubrication means a proper amount of lubricant is at the proper place. An oil film has to be maintained at the friction surface of the machines and this can only be achieved with the help of adequate oiling at the right place.


Josiah Wintermute suggests that the nature and quality of the lubricant also plays an important part in the maintainence of the machines. Lubricants undergo oxidation which breaks it into smaller parts, resulting in the depletion of additives. This results in the loss of the lubricating properties of the lubricant. Thus once the lubricating property of the lubricant is lost the wear and tear of the machinery will increase. The oxidation of lubricants is accelerated with by high temperature, heavy loading and contamination. Thus one should be quite careful while choosing a lubricant. You may get the cheap ones in the market but the opportunity cost of adding these lubricants increases considerably.


Contamination in lubricants acts as the major reason for the accelerated wear and tear of the machines. These contaminations may be something solid or liquid. A solid contamination will travel with the lubricant and cause abrasions on the machine parts thus accelerating the wear and tear of the machine parts from where the contaminants will travel along with the lubricant. Another problem presented by slid contaminations is that they clog the filters and orifices thus restricting the flow of the oil/lubricant. An organization maintaining heavy or any king of machinery needs to check for the filters and clean them in a routine.


Liquid contaminants like water alter the load handling capability of the lubricant. Thus these liquid contaminants act as catalysts for lubricant degeneration. Thus a check on the contaminants is quite essential on a regular basis to access the level of impurities.


To know more about the working of Petro-Lubricant Testing Laboratories and John Wintermute feel free to contact him through Josiah Wintermute by visiting http://www.pltlab.com

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